@MuziferBot - пожалуй, лучший музыкальный сервис в телеграм.
Позволяет скачивать музыку из ВК и Youtube Music
Бесплатно, удобно, 24\7 и без рекламы.
Whisper Bot 💬 use @nnbbot

🇬🇧 Whisper bot
🇸🇩 بوت همسة
🇮🇷 ربات پچ پچ
🇷🇺 шепчущий бот
alternative @nnbbot

/start - Начать
I 🇬🇧 Whisper bot
I 🇸🇩 بوت همسة
I 🇮🇷 ربات پچ پچ
I 🇮🇶 بۆتی چرپاندن
I 🇮🇹 Messaggi segreti
I 🇩🇪 Flüsterbot
I 🇫🇷 robot chuchoteur
I 🇷🇺 шепчущий бот
alternative bot @nnbbot
Welcome: Тп1!
🌐 I'm the Whisper Bot.

💬 You can use me to send secret whispers in groups.

🔮 I work in the Inline mode that means you can use me even if I'm not in the group.

💌 It is very easy to use me, simply forward a message from a user to which you want to send a whisper and I'll do the rest for you.

There are other ways to use me too. If you are interested to learn more about me click on the Button below.
💎 for more useful bots click here 💎
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